About Us
Who We Are

Since opening its doors in 2004, Boon Martial Arts has impacted thousands of lives in the community. Our friendly staff looks forward each day to helping our students achieve their goals.​ Although standards are set high, each student at BMA is evaluated on an individual basis to ensure progression on their own timeline. This approach ensures students achieve and earn rank on their own merit. We encourage our students to trust the process and enjoy it. Earning a black belt at BMA is a once in a lifetime experience!

Our dedicated instructors at BMA have taken their Martial Arts experiences and created a well-rounded training system for all ages. Boon Martial Arts is the most balanced martial arts training system; it combines traditional training elements with practical real world application. By integrating both of these elements into one system, one can truly train in mixed martial arts.​ Boon Martial Arts has a YouTube channel for students looking to have a better understanding of techniques taught in classes or for those just looking to brush up on their skills.

Our people

World-Class Team

Together our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in Martial Arts practice and instruction. All our instructors are certified personal trainers.
Vanny Boon
6th Degree Black Belt

Vanny Boon is a certified 6th-degree black belt skilled in various forms of martial arts, including TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Master Boon’s passion and experience for martial arts began when he started training at the age of 5 and spans over 30 years. Master Boon trained under Grand Master Hong, Master Freddie Poole and Muay Thai world champion Saekson Janjira.

Duyen Do

Duyen is a recent graduate of University of Texas at Arlington with an MS degree in Biomedical engineering and a BS in Biochemistry. Duyen started her martial arts journey at Boon Martial Arts in 2019. She currently has experiences in Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She believes that it's never too late to start something new and hopes to share her martial arts experiences with others.

Miles Scholten
2nd Degree Black Belt

Miles Scholten began training in karate at the age of 6, and rapidly fell in love with it. The rigorous training involved helped him gain control over his body throughout adolescence and he continued practicing martial arts with BMA until he earned his black belt. He enjoys teaching both as a way of sharing his knowledge and as a way of bettering himself as a martial artist.

Nikita Sangani
1st Degree Black Belt / Media Advisor

Nikita has been training and working towards her blackbelt at Bon Martial Arts since 2018. She earned her blackbelt in 2023 and her goal is to be able to help and inspire others to understand and pursue the benefits of Martial Arts while also perfecting her skills. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2013 with a B.A. in Finance and Art.

Reid Fundis
2nd Degree Black Belt

Reid Fundis is a first degree black belt which he obtained in 2019 at Boon Martial Arts. He has studied martial arts for over eight years, and has trained in TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,and wrestling. His goal in teaching is to help his students understand the value of hard work and dedication, and to help them grow as he has, all while teaching them how to defend themselves.

Jade Lopez
Administrative Assistant

Jade is a natural-bo caretaker. She’s nurturing, compassionate, patient, and has a love for children. In fact, Jade is currently working towards completing her degree in Social work, specifically child welfare. She is very passionate about protecting the vulnerable youth and assisting disadvantaged families to meet the needs of their children. She would like to help children create a strong foundation built on positive principles to help guid them to living great powerful lives. She is very enthusiastic about working with children here and can’t wait to help guide them to becoming stronger leaders.

Jessica Jasper
BJJ Black Belt

Jessica earned her black belt in 2021 under Eddie Ricardo. She is the 2016 No-Gi World Champion, 2017 Pan-Am Champion, and returned to competition in 2023, becoming the Dallas Champion. She has over a decade of boxing and Muay Thai experience and is also a former corporate executive and celebrity protection agent.

Ryan Stark
1st Degree Black Belt

Ryan is a first degree black belt, which he received from Boon Martial Arts in 2021. He started training at the age of four and has trained for over 11 years with Boon. He loves teaching martial arts to change the lives of children through discipline, martial arts, and fun, the same way he was. His goal in instructing the next generation of martial artists is not just to teach them to kick and punch, but also to build respectful members of the community.

Ernest Carter
Assistant Instructor

Ernest has a natural ability to inspire people. He believes it is imperative to build up confidence and moral values in children. He studied Audio Engineering at the Art Institute of Austin and has 25 years of experience in music-making. Ernest enjoys music production, reading, and martial arts and is currently working towards earning his Black Belt. He is excited to be able to work with kids and plans to make each experience one of the best experiences they’ll ever have.